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When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. — Anonymous

The CSDAA sadly advises the passing of 3 great people who were part of our industry. We include vales for Peter King; Andrew Warden; and Corey Briede.

Peter King

Yesterday the sawing & drilling industry lost a brave and passionate man who finally succumbed to a long term illness; an illness he had been fighting the past few years.

Peter King for those that knew him best will attest that throughout his working life he built a company and reputation on honesty; hard work; and long hours.

I would like to share our sorrow and condolences with Gai, Aaron and Sarah on the loss of a loving husband, father and grandfather. We would like to let you know Peter will be remembered as a great man who was loved by many. Especially to Gai, who has been by Peter’s side and nursed him back to health on every occasion, you are a very special and courageous person.

Speaking with Aaron King (Peter’s son) yesterday it brings home how much we all take for granted at times and how quickly our lives can change in the blink of an eye. Aaron continues to work in his father’s footsteps, on a smaller scale, and enjoys life just as much as his dad did.

Peter loved cutting concrete and was passionate about the promotion of this industry. Peter was a member of the CSDAA for many years having sat on the Executive Committee as well as being Vice President for two terms.

Peter knew time was getting shorter as each day passed. Gai provided updates to the association which gave the Executive and members valuable insight to the strength of this family.

We mourn with Gai, Aaron and Sarah; and celebrate the great memories and times shared with Peter; for a life taken too early.

For those that knew Peter – raise a glass to say goodbye; well done; farewell; and thank you.

On behalf of the CSDAA Executive
Jason Franken, President CSDAA

Andrew Warden
Born 1961 – Passed Away June 2016

We the Bylsma Family grew up with Andrew; we all played in the same neighbourhood, and attended the same primary and secondary school.

Andrew joined the Bylsma Hire family some 26 years ago, taking on the role as our concrete cutter/core driller.

Andrew always greeted us with a pleasant hello and a smile. Not once did we ever hear him complain about the work.

Whether it was zero degrees or 40 degrees no job was to hard or too complicated for Andrew; such was his determination and reputation for solving even the most difficult of cutting jobs.

The loves of his life were his wife Walma and daughter Bianca; followed by his dogs; his classic cars; and all things antique.

He loved life and lived it to the full; always looking at the positive side of things, and making the most of any opportunity that came his way.

We miss him; we wish he was still here; but he will remain always in our hearts and memories.

Roger Bylsma and All at Bylsma Hire

Corey Briede
Passed Away May 7, 2016

By Dale

Corey first started work for Cutting Force in early 2006 when he rang looking for work. At the time work was busy and we were not looking to put anyone on. But Corey being Corey would ring every couple of days asking if there was any work. In the end we thought this is a keen young fella best we give him a job, as most young blokes would only ring once. Or maybe it was the fact that he was a Collingwood supporter that we gave him a job.

Corey joined the company with good experience in concrete grinding that at the time was an industry that was on the rise. Corey soon took control of the concrete grinding; if you know Corey you know that he likes things to be well organised and all his tools and gear to be immaculately clean. In between concrete grinding we taught Corey the concrete drilling and sawing side of the business. As with most things; it didn’t take Corey long to pick up all the skills.

During the Eastlink Project at the Morwell Precast Yard – Corey’s maturity developed. Cory was wanting to take responsibility and wanted to get ahead in life. He bought himself a house and renovated it. He did everything from rendering; carpentry; plastering; painting; and no doubt a few things that he probably shouldn’t have done as well.

I am not sure if you all know but Corey had an addiction; he was addicted to four wheel driving. He loved his four wheel drives and was extremely talented when it came to fixing them. I guess if you did the things he did in his four wheel drive; it was no wonder he had to be good at fixing them. Between four wheel drives and motorbikes he was always busy in the shed working on them every night.

What we liked so much about Corey was that his family was his number one priority. He was always helping them; having them stay for periods of time with him; helping them move house; doing odd jobs for them; and just being there to support them in life. This was a huge responsibility for a young man but Corey took it all in his stride.

At the end of the Eastlink and APM projects – Corey and Dale sat down and had a beer and talked about the future, as he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. I remember saying to him – go out there and try new things, you can always come back to concrete cutting. Because he was such a great worker and a great young bloke; we were happy to see him travel and experience new things. As you probably know he ended up in Esperance, Western Australia working in the mines. We always kept in contact with Corey and he would tell us all about his fishing trips, and the long drives he had to do just to get to the supermarket.

In 2011 work in the Valley was quiet and we decided to chase work on the Airport Link Project in Brisbane. The only problem was who were we going to get to run it? I rang Corey and left a message on his phone. He said “Hi mate what have you been up to? You must be ready to make a move to QLD and check life out up there, I have a job for you.” Corey got the message and rang back 3 days later while on the bus on the way home from the mines. His response was “Why not! I’ve always wanted to check out QLD “. So he packed up and came back to Traralgon to start getting everything together to set up the business in Brisbane.

We headed off in convoy – Corey in his Patrol and big trailer; me in a van with a trailer. We rented a house in Shorncliffe where we set the business up. It was hard going for the first three months waiting for the work to pick up. But when the work eventually came, it came in fast. At times we were working day and night – deciding who was getting four hours sleep tonight and who was getting eight. Corey did an exceptional job establishing the business and that same business is still running today and employs five blokes.

Corey met some great people in Queensland through work, one of them being Badga with whom he remains friends to this day. But Corey being Corey missed his family and was keen to move back closer to them and we were happy to have him back working with us. So he handed Brisbane over to Craig and headed south again.

Good people are hard to find so when you find them you look after them and they will look after you. On returning to Gippsland his next big challenge was the construction of the Wonthaggi Desalination Plant. On this job Corey supervised a great group of blokes that all spoke highly of him. Sid; Bazz; Banga; Chinga; Josh; Glenn; Nathan; Steve; Craig; Shaneo;, Johnny; and Shagga. Just some who have travelled here today to pay their respects to Corey.

At the completion of the Desal plant; with all his experience it was not surprising to us that Corey wanted to go out on his own. A lot can be said about a person by the way they go about things. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about things and Corey certainly went about things the right way. So with our best wishes we were glad to see him have a go for himself after all he had done for us.

Corey and I had some great chats about business; like when he would be complaining about his road saw that wouldn’t go. I would say to him “just go and buy a new one”. It’s funny how the wheel goes around. I think Corey and I had a great understanding of each other now that he has been an employee and a business owner he could see both sides of the fence. When you have been through so much with a person; seen the ups and downs; seen them grow from a young bloke to become a father and business owner; it truly saddens me to have to say goodbye.

Cozza you will always remain a legend at Cutting Force.


Cert IV class photo 0116
The CSDAA would like to thank and acknowledge the recent training achievements of ten industry leaders from the sawing and drilling industry from across Australia.

Congratulations to Alois Auer, Robert East, Jonathan Hart, Stephen Hourigan, Lance Knight, Greg Mahoney, Ian Morcus, Corry Schouten, Steven Varty, and Shane Worbey..

On the 4th April 2016 the second enrolment of candidates successfully completed and attained the training and assessment qualification Certificate IV- TAE40110.

This is an important milestone for the CSDAA training initiative and reaffirms our commitment to industry. Training & assessment is best served when delivered by experienced industry participants who are willing to share and work with the next generation of operators.

Phoebe Carroll from the RTO sent in a glowing reference and is a credit to the class overall.

“Just a quick email to let you know the group is all done and has left today with certificates in hand. You have an amazing bunch to get the ball rolling – they have worked very hard and have exceeded expectations- well done!”

The CSDAA encourages industry leaders with industry experience to attend and attain the necessary qualifications to deliver training & assessment.

To find out more information on what is involved in the certificate IV training course you can contact the CSDAA directly. Alternately you are welcome to contact any of the twenty new trainers and discuss their experience firsthand.


New Course in Concrete Sawing and Drilling


The CSDAA has developed the new Course in Concrete Sawing and Drilling. The accredited course has been designed specifically for those working in our industry to gain a nationally recognised qualification.

The implementation of the course will require qualified trainers and assessors to work with participants and assess their work, through a registered training organisation (RTO).

The sawing and drilling industry will soon require suitably qualified trainers/assessors nationally with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to facilitate this training. The role of a trainer is to provide instruction and assessment for participants undertaking this course. Trainers and assessors with extensive industry experience, and the ability to share knowledge and skills, plus role model positive behaviors will be the foundation of the training course.

If you would like to be considered for future positions and join the select few that are experts in delivering training for the concrete sawing & drilling industry, go to www.training.gov.au today to find out more. Or, contact the Secretary of the Association at info@csdaa.com.au for further information.

Course Code: TAE 40110

Please note: The CSDAA has no input into the recruitment or selection of course trainers, the RTO conducts this process. This is only to advise that the positions will become available and some of the criteria that will need to be met.


What makes a CSDAA member different?

CSDAA members are experts in their field. They have the knowledge and experience to do the job thoroughly, and safely.

CSDAA members are Operating Contractors and Suppliers/Manufacturers of equipment servicing the concrete sawing and drilling industry.

CSDAA members remain informed of the latest information in cutting technology, and have access to the most effective and technologically advanced equipment available.

CSDAA members are provided with services that support industry best practice, including industry and business mentoring, the CSDAA online manual, and links with professional industry training programs. We are working to help our members become sustainable.

When you engage a CSDAA member contractor you’ll experience the security of knowing that you’re in great hands.

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