Michael John Dowsett

14/01/1965 – 17/04/2015

(Extract of eulogy)

MIchael-John-DowsettRay Thomson employed Micheal Dowsett as a fresh faced 22 year old almost 30 years ago and proceeded to instill in him the passion for cutting concrete that would remain with him.  Ray taught Mick (as he was known) to road saw; wall saw; and everything else in between. What Ray didn’t know, Mick taught himself and Ray.

One of Ray’s funniest memories was working with Mick up in their Sydney branch. Ray recalled a particular time in the early 90’s that was a real eye opener for both of them. They were working in the area where the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras parade is held and you can imagine Michael’s amazement at 6am in the morning seeing men dressed as women who were asleep in the gutters right where he and Ray where trying to cut concrete.

Mick was the sort of bloke who Ray could ring at any time of the day or night for an emergency job and Mick would drop everything and do it. Everyone at Auscut knew he could be counted on. Mick was a rarity – he remained loyal to Ray and Auscut throughout his near 30 year career.

Ray and Mick developed a special bond over the years and it was not that long ago he confided to me that me that he considered Ray to be a father to him – as much as his own father. Ray was very much a part of Mick’s life, always there for him including attending Mick’s wedding to his wife Lyn 18 years ago.

Mick’s pride and joy was his Auscut Yellow Ford XR8 with the number plates CUT1 which he drove proudly every day.  The ute might be gone but the plates will remain forever Micks and are here with us today.

Mick and Ray have shared some tough times over the years, none so tough as when Mick delivered Ray the news no person wants to hear about a someone they love. Ray stayed positive for Mick allowing him to continue working up until several weeks ago.  This was what Mick wanted most of all. Mick believed right up until Tuesday last week, when Ray and Roula went out to visit Mick at home, that he would be returning to work any day now. Ray was grateful for that last moment with Mick, a few hours where they shared a glass of wine and some happy memories.

You don’t get too many like Mick and it was an honour to know him and work with over the years. And finally from Ray, one last good-bye ‘see ya later mate’.

CSDAA-logoOn behalf of the CSDAA I would like to express our condolences to Michaels’ family, friends and work colleagues.

Michael was a loyal and respected member of the Auscut team and his passing will be hard to comprehend for those that new him best.

I have been told the famous Cut-1 number plate has been retired from the vehicle pool as a sign of respect and appreciation to 30 years continuous service. It is a very small operators club, who can attest to 30 years continuous employment under the one company. This devotion is very hard to find and is a testament to Michaels character and type of people we all strive to be.

I believe a fitting ethos for Michael Dowsett would be “Hard work conquers all” and can simply say good bye and farewell, you will be sorely missed.


Jason Franken
CSDAA President


Ray Thomson receives Life Membership Award for 40 years of service in the concrete sawing and drilling industry.

Ray Thomson commenced his sawing and drilling career in 1973 with a company called Concrete Testing.

In 1979, in partnership with Glenn Street from Concrete Testing, Ray started GR Condrill, several months later saw a name change to Australian Concrete Drilling & Sawing or ‘A.C.D.S.’ , the business was located in Carlton, Victoria.

1981 saw an expansion of A.C.D.S. with the purchase in April 1981 of Gippsland Brick & Concrete Sawing in Traralgon. Ray relocated the family to grow this business during the power station boom in Gippsland. The business was later renamed Gippsland Concrete Drilling & Sawing.  Glenn Street opened a branch of ACDS on the Gold Coast and Ian Thomson, Ray’s younger brother was employed as the manager of A.C.D.S. in Melbourne.

In 1982 Glenn and Ray parted ways with each retaining their individual businesses and closing ACDS,  in the process Ray started Auscut in September 1982 as a partnership between himself, Ian and his wife’s brother-in-law and as sole owner after the passing of both partners in recent years.

Ray has worked on numerous challenging projects throughout Australia as a partner and owner of Auscut.  Ray has provided many employees with an opportunity to develop and enhance specialist trade skills and is held in high esteem of his fellow peers. Ray’s dedication to improving the sawing and drilling industry nationally is evident through his time served on the executive committee of the CSDAA since 2006.

CSDAA_Ray_ThomsonIn 1980 an unofficial meeting of the four main companies in Melbourne, A.C.D.S., Concut, Smith & Osborne and ACE took place at Vlados restaurant in Richmond with the aim of trying to establish an association.  Almost fifteen years later in December 1995, the Industrial Diamond Association (IDAA) was founded with Auscut being one of the original members of this association which later changed its name to the Concrete Cutting Industry Association (CCIA) and subsequently the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association of Australia (CSDAA).  Auscut is also an Overseas Contractor member of the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association (CSDA) based in the USA and has been so for many, many years.

A supporter of the association from the very beginning, with record attendance at CSDAA meetings around the country, Ray has always had a strong belief in putting his support behind the industry association for the benefit of our industry, he also likes to liven things up with his mischievous ways and in his younger days received the pants down award at a CSDAA Gala dinner after locking himself out of his hotel room at Penrith wearing nothing but his birthday suit.

On behalf of the CSDAA membership and contractors of Australia we wish to acknowledge your contribution and service through this certificate as a reminder and reference to a true gentleman through and through.

Jason Franken, CSDAA President


 New Course in Concrete Sawing and Drilling

CSDAA COURSE_bannerThe CSDAA has developed the new Course in Concrete Sawing and Drilling. The accredited course has been designed specifically for those working in our industry to gain a nationally recognised qualification.

The implementation of the course will require qualified trainers and assessors to work with participants and assess their work, through a registered training organisation (RTO).

The sawing and drilling industry will soon require suitably qualified trainers/assessors nationally with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to facilitate this training. The role of a trainer is to provide instruction and assessment for participants undertaking this course. Trainers and assessors with extensive industry experience, and the ability to share knowledge and skills, plus role model positive behaviors will be the foundation of the training course.

If you would like to be considered for future positions and join the select few that are experts in delivering training for the concrete sawing & drilling industry, go to today to find out more. Or, contact the Secretary of the Association at for further information.

Course Code: TAE 40110

Please note: The CSDAA has no input into the recruitment or selection of course trainers, the RTO conducts this process. This is only to advise that the positions will become available and some of the criteria that will need to be met.


What makes a CSDAA member different?

CSDAA members are experts in their field. They have the knowledge and experience to do the job thoroughly, and safely.

CSDAA members are Operating Contractors and Suppliers/Manufacturers of equipment servicing the concrete sawing and drilling industry.

CSDAA members remain informed of the latest information in cutting technology, and have access to the most effective and technologically advanced equipment available.

CSDAA members are provided with services that support industry best practice, including industry and business mentoring, the CSDAA online manual, and links with professional industry training programs. We are working to help our members become sustainable.

When you engage a CSDAA member contractor you’ll experience the security of knowing that you’re in great hands.

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