Why should you be a member of the CSDAA?

1. Networking at quarterly meetings and AGM
The quarterly meetings provide a great opportunity to network with cutting professionals in the industry to establish new, and consolidate existing relationships. We have national member operators and suppliers.

2. Diamonds Magazine, Newsletter and Web site
The Diamonds magazine is the only professional cutters magazine dedicated to concrete cutting with national distribution across Australia. We offer Members the opportunity to advertise their business, products or to include an article.
The Cutter Newsletter is distributed bi-monthly to all members and includes individual state industry activity, and changes that will impact operators in the sector. The newsletter also includes advertising and is a place where you can advertise equipment you want to sell.
Change to The CSDAA Membership Directory is available through the web site where you can access like-minded professionals, or find a concrete cutter for your project.

3. Membership Directory
The CSDAA Membership Directory is available through this web site where you can also access like-minded professionals.

4. Member Surveys
The CSDAA conduct an annual member survey to collect valuable information from members to guide and further develop your Association.

5. Cooperation and Support from Industry Associations
The CSDAA and its members are members of leading international associations such as the CSDA and IACDS.
Working with the Australian Industry Group the CSDAA has access to workplace relations, OH&S and business experts to support CSDAA members.

6. WHS Handbook
The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Handbook has been developed to provide a practical guide for establishing and maintaining safe work principles within the industry, and to promote safe work practices by managers, supervisors and employees. These safety guidelines when implemented will set best practice for the cutting and drilling industry nationally.

7. Health and Safety Management Plan Manual
Premium members can access the Health and Safety Management Plan Manual. The manual complies with current Australian legislation, regulation and codes of practice, and will greatly reduce the time required when completing tenders. The manual provides current information that directly relates to the cutting professional. This innovative product has been developed by industry professionals in concrete cutting, construction and the health, safety and risk management sectors. It includes industry specific SWMS to ensure members are aware of the legal obligations and to meet the needs of their customers sites. SWMS are editable to allow for all information to be included that is relevant to the work site. SWMS are reviewed annually.