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Cutting slabs
CSDAA Members come from various industry sub sectors, including:

Flat sawing, Wall sawing, Hand sawing, Wire sawing, Core drilling, Concrete & asphalt grooving, Concrete, asphalt grinding, Road profiling, Wall chasing, Concrete removal, Demolition.

CSDAA contractors are professionals who will use the best techniques and equipment for the most cost-effective cutting. CSDAA contractor members are the best sub-contractors to bring projects in on time and on budget. Concrete cutting provides significant cost savings over conventional removal methods.

Removing thick concrete
Diamond wire sawing, although not as common as the other types of concrete sawing, is the perfect choice when a job requires removal of a thick piece of concrete. Diamond wire sawing is a good choice on projects such as dismantling of nuclear power plants, dams, bridges or chimney stacks. CSDAA members are experienced in the removal of heavy pieces of concrete.

Sawing walls
Wall sawing is the technique used when cutting concrete, brick, block, stone or stucco walls – CSDAA contractor members can cut any and every type of wall. For example, in building renovation when new openings are required for windows or doors, diamond sawing can save builders an incredible amount of time and money by making openings faster and cleaner than alternative methods. The most important thing to remember is that CSDAA contractor members are specialised in cutting concrete.

Drilling holes
Core drilling is the technique used to drill holes in concrete. Typical projects requiring holes to be drilled might include holes in concrete for handrails, anchors, pipes, conduit, access, or vents. CSDAA members can efficiently drill small or large diameter holes of depths up to 30m with minimal deviation.

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