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Compare the advantages of using Diamond Technology

Diamond Cutting System
Time Fast Fewer Operators Pre-outage work possible Cuts rebar and other metals
Dimensial Tolerance Precise Cuts Limited patchwork required
Structural Integrity Vibration free Ability to remove large amounts of concrete while maintaining structural integrity
Noise, Dust, Debris Non-disruptive to surrounding operations Relatively quiet Pieces cut to size Dust free Large bulk removal capability
Limited Access Remote operations possible Cuts in close space Underwater operations possible Easily cuts around existing pipes, existing electrical fixtures and equipment
Convential Removal Systems
Time Slow, methodical Labor-intensive Pre-outage work not possible Metal cutting required
Dimensial Tolerance Uncontrolled openings Extensive patchwork required
Structural Integrity High impact vibration causes microfractures of concrete Potential damage to remaining structures of nearby equipment
Noise, Dust, Debris Disruptive Loud Creates rubble Extremely dusty Time-consuming clean-up
Limited Access Inflexible equipment Restricted movement Underwater operations difficult or impossible Difficult to work around piping and equipment

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